Vision & Values


In the community for the community.

Because of Christ – For God’s Glory
Because of Christ – Christ centred, not self centred
For Gods Glory – Passionate, not passive

As a People – By God’s Grace
As a People – Relational, not individualistic
By God’s Grace – Grace filled, not legalistic

With the Word – Through the Spirit
With the Word – Biblical, not worldly
Through the Spirit – Spirit filled, not powerless

In Partnership – All Serving
In Partnership – Apostolic and prophetic, not independent
All serving – Each one matters, not a few

Making a Difference – To Neighbours and Nations
Making a difference – Compassionate, not complacent
To Neighbours and Nations – Outgoing, not inward



God has spoken to us from 1 Chronicles 28 and has called us to build a Temple for His Glory. We believe this is about “a people” not “a place”. In the NT Jesus speaks about true worshippers worshipping the Father in spirit and truth. Jesus places an emphasis on a personal relationship with God rather than following a set of rule and regulations, meeting at set times and places (Jn 4:23-24).

God has called us to build a community of people who love God and are passionate for His presence where God is glorified and lives transformed by encounters with God’s love, grace, mercy and power. God has spoken to us from Judges 6 (the story of Gideon) about believing for a church of 300 people that will serve our community, the surrounding area, the county and beyond.

We are called to build a church that reflects the “wisdom of God” (Eph 3:10). We believe Kings Church will reflect the wider community of which we are a part. Our heart is to see people from every social, cultural and age group that is represented in the town amongst us in the church.

God has spoken to us from Isaiah 54:1-4 and Isaiah 61 and this continues to inspire us, encourage us and shape us. Jer 30:16-22 is also a key passage that God has spoken to us from and we continue to look to him and play our part in seeing these promises fulfilled.

We are committed to raising up, equipping, training and sending people from Kings Church to see God’s kingdom extended throughout the world. We want to see God’s Kingdom come and His rule and reign extended on earth as it is in Heaven.