King’s 2

King’s 2 is a group for the Yr8 to Yr13 age group. They meet on several Sundays during the month, or stay with us for the whole service.

On Sundays when there is a Yzone meeting, they stay with us during our praise and worship and then leave during the sermon to discuss issues affecting them at home and school. They look at what the Bible has to say on the subjects and issues they face on a daily basis. We are now following bible teaching materials produced by Urban Saints, in parallel with the younger children’s group, King’s 1.

Our aim is build up, encourage and strengthen young people in their relationship with God, one another and the wider church family. We aim to equip them to be effective witnesses to their family and friends and to be “salt and light” at home, school and other places they spend their time.

Our church has a child protection policy and all our workers have been checked by the DBS.