We’ve all heard the phrase ‘our young people are the church of the future’. This is true, but they also are the church of Today. At Kings, we are keen to see our young people build great friendships with one another, with the church as a whole, and with Jesus.

Our Breakthru group, aimed at 11-17 year-olds is one way we aim to see this happen. The group runs on Friday evening, and meets at the Crosthwaite Parish Rooms from 7 til 9pm.

A ‘classic’ Friday evening session will include some social time, a game or two (e.g. strawberry lace races) and then a time of discussion and praying with one another. Once a half term we also have a ‘social only’ session.

If you would like any more information or are planning to attend Breakthru for the first time contact the office:

Kings Church Keswick

Tel: 017687 75788

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